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  1. Brook Lodge Farm reserves the right to refuse admission to any person(s).
  2. No lorries, commercial or converted vehicles are allowed in the grounds without prior arrangement. Unlicensed motorised vehicles i.e. quad/micro
    scooters are not permitted on the grounds
  3. Our goal at Brook Lodge Farm is to provide accommodation without being a detriment to the environment,please help us to achieve this by keeping your
    pitch free from rubbish, do not trample or pick flowers and respect the wildlife on the park.
  4. Please respect others in the grounds, keeping the noise to a minimum especially after 11.00pm. The management reserves the right to terminate the
    booking, at any time during day or night, of any person(s) whose conduct is detrimental to the park or comfort of other visitors. No refund will be given.
  5. Brook Lodge farm cannot accept any liability whatsoever for loss, damage, accident or injury to person(s) property or personal belongings however caused
    during your stay at the park.
  6. We would like to point out that a booking by telephone or otherwise is a contract and deposits are non refundable. You will be liable to pay the full amount
    if we do not let the caravan or pitch. There is not a booking fee. The Bill to be settled on arrival.
  7. No refund can be given for inclement weather or early termination of your stay.
  8. We cannot guarantee to pitch families and friends together during peak periods.
  9. No guarantee is given that you can take up your pitch if you arrive early, or if you wish to extend your stay beyond the period already booked, although
    every effort will be made to accommodate your requirements.
  10. All late arrivals after 10.00pm must pitch in the late arrival enclosure and nightly charges will apply.
  11. Guests are requested to vacate their pitch by 12 noon on the day of departure and are not allowed on pitch until 12 noon(for caravan hire 2pm).
  12. Parents will be responsible for their own children at all times.
  13. Young children must be accompanied to the toilets/showers. Girls/Boys over 6 years of age must use the appropriate Female/Male facilities. Children are
    not allowed to play in or around the toilet/shower areas.
  14. No skate boards, roller blades, skates or bicycles are allowed inside any building in the park.
  15. 5 MPH speed limit applies at all times.
  16. Road Traffic Act applies to all vehicles when in the park, therefore any persons not insured or unqualified may be liable to Police prosecution.
  17. No dogs are allowed to be walked on park and have to be kept on a lead at all times.
  18. Barbecues are allowed but have to be placed on stones or bricks up off the grass or on a stand.
  19. Only urgent messages can be delivered. We do not accept responsibility for errors arising from telephone requests of any nature.
  20. Brook Lodge Farm are not responsible for transport to the park and do not provide a taxis service of any kind.
  21. Rubbish must be placed in the relevant recycle containers (at all times).
  22. Please be aware that due to the nature of our countryside there are unprotected ditches.
  23. Please notify Reception when calling out emergency services.
  24. Reception must be informed as soon as possible on arrival.
  25. Please drive respectfully once on the grass.


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